2019’s Best Cities for Vegans & Vegetarians

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People choose to adopt plant-based diets for various reasons, some ethical, others health-related. According to a 2019 Harris Poll commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, about ten million U.S. adults are vegan or vegetarian.

But finding meatless options at restaurants and supermarkets can be a challenge, depending on where you find yourself hungry in America. And though some experts contend that forgoing animal products could save the average person at least $750 per year, certain specialty foods can be expensive.

Fortunately, many U.S. cities offer plentiful and inexpensive options for budget-conscious herbivores. To determine the best and cheapest places for a plant-based diet, WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 17 key indicators of vegan- and vegetarian-friendliness. We examined each city based on such metrics as the cost of groceries for vegetarians, the share of restaurants serving meatless options and salad shops per capita.

Read on for our findings and a full description of our methodology. If you’re considering a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, make sure to check out the Q&A with our panel of experts for transitioning advice and money-saving tips.

  1. Main Findings
  2. Ask the Experts
  3. Methodology

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Most Vegetarian- & Vegan-Friendly Cities

Overall Rank (1 = Best)CityTotal Score‘Affordability’ Rank‘Diversity, Accessibility & Quality’ Rank‘Vegetarian Lifestyle’ Rank
1Portland, OR66.552238
2Los Angeles, CA62.7220113
3Orlando, FL59.7436620
4Seattle, WA57.869249
5Austin, TX57.69111234
6Atlanta, GA57.5254135
7New York, NY57.3074232
8San Francisco, CA57.1010012
9San Diego, CA56.8141726
10Tampa, FL56.3170912
11Scottsdale, AZ55.8360167
12Anaheim, CA53.0977481
13Chicago, IL52.83302024
14Madison, WI51.66421728
15Milwaukee, WI51.05272927
16Washington, DC49.5096817
17Las Vegas, NV49.32391540
18Pittsburgh, PA48.54732613
19Houston, TX47.87194637
20Charlotte, NC47.59563919
21Indianapolis, IN47.45236231
22Minneapolis, MN47.17842511
23Boise, ID46.99102357
24Jacksonville, FL46.47665515
25Dallas, TX46.40555316
26Cleveland, OH46.03346918
27Columbus, OH45.99287221
28Oakland, CA45.59991810
29Nashville, TN45.58434736
30Durham, NC45.4664644
31Kansas City, MO45.36576125
32Miami, FL45.1879569
33San Jose, CA44.7598326
34Baltimore, MD44.01815414
35Honolulu, HI43.92971022
36Fort Wayne, IN43.7737978
37Anchorage, AK42.65805929
38Cincinnati, OH42.59173173
39St. Paul, MN42.33164356
40Oklahoma City, OK42.32497335
41Boston, MA42.28943630
42Denver, CO42.25671465
43Mesa, AZ42.0796059
44Lincoln, NE41.9568548
45Phoenix, AZ41.87352468
46Irving, TX41.3258953
47Buffalo, NY41.07634044
48New Orleans, LA40.62833738
49Sacramento, CA40.52891952
50Gilbert, AZ40.47604246
51Chandler, AZ40.44654149
52Louisville, KY40.23244474
53Detroit, MI40.20139241
54Bakersfield, CA40.13323898
55Lexington-Fayette, KY39.81126570
56Lubbock, TX39.6887198
57Long Beach, CA39.63825039
58St. Louis, MO39.51522775
59Albuquerque, NM39.26724945
60Colorado Springs, CO37.30625760
61Norfolk, VA37.19256871
62Glendale, AZ36.79697051
63Garland, TX36.6479854
64Aurora, CO36.56149450
65Birmingham, AL36.55263488
66Tucson, AZ36.54582894
67Jersey City, NJ36.10449642
68Reno, NV36.06873062
69Philadelphia, PA36.06784563
70Raleigh, NC36.01515867
71San Antonio, TX35.99216684
72Fremont, CA35.95958623
73Irvine, CA35.92903358
74St. Petersburg, FL35.83853561
75Omaha, NE35.60505681
76Hialeah, FL35.41459043
77Chula Vista, CA35.31337866
78Plano, TX35.25688155
79Fresno, CA35.06462296
80Riverside, CA34.91882180
81Arlington, TX34.90189564
82Wichita, KS34.60318082
83Virginia Beach, VA34.28596777
84Newark, NJ33.73939733
85Corpus Christi, TX33.3829393
86Santa Ana, CA32.84917547
87Toledo, OH32.8048383
88Chesapeake, VA32.62479172
89Fort Worth, TX32.62388876
90Laredo, TX32.54110098
91Memphis, TN32.14378485
92Tulsa, OK32.01297687
93Stockton, CA31.63535197
94Winston-Salem, NC30.23407791
95Henderson, NV29.75757490
96Baton Rouge, LA28.75766392
97North Las Vegas, NV27.87159989
98Greensboro, NC27.34485295
99San Bernardino, CA26.94868279
100El Paso, TX25.80718786

Ask the Experts

Cutting meat from your diet requires commitment and, in some cases, extra cash. To help you switch successfully to a vegan or vegetarian diet while sticking to your budget, we asked a panel of experts to share their thoughts on the following key questions:

  1. What tips do you have for someone who wishes to adopt a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle while on a budget?
  2. Should government subsidize the purchase of fruits and vegetables by discounting the price for people using food stamps?
  3. What can parents do to encourage children to consume more veggies?
  4. What tips do you have for someone who wishes to become a vegetarian? How can the transition be made smoother?
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In order to determine the best cities for vegans and vegetarians in the U.S., WalletHub compared the 100 most populated cities across three key dimensions: 1) Affordability, 2) Diversity, Accessibility & Quality and 3) Vegetarian Lifestyle.

We evaluated those dimensions using 17 relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weights. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the most favorable conditions for vegans and vegetarians. For metrics marked with an asterisk (*), we calculated the population size using the square root of the population in order to avoid overcompensating for minor differences across cities.

Finally, we determined each city’s weighted average across all metrics to calculate its overall score and used the resulting scores to rank-order our sample. In constructing our sample, we considered only the “city proper” in each case and excluded surrounding cities in the metro area.

Affordability – Total Points: 33.33
  • Cost of Groceries for Vegetarians: Full Weight (~11.11 Points)Note: “Groceries” excludes all animal products, except dairy and eggs.
  • Availability of Affordable, Highly Rated Restaurants Serving Vegan & Vegetarian Options: Full Weight (~11.11 Points)Note: “Highly Rated” refers to a rating of at least 4.5 stars.
  • Average Meal Cost: Full Weight (~11.11 Points)Note: This metric was calculated using the following formula: Average Dollar Amount Spent on Food per Week by Food-Secure Individuals / 21 Meals (three meals per day X seven days per week).
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality – Total Points: 33.33
  • Share of Restaurants Serving Vegetarian Options: Full Weight (~3.33 Points)
  • Share of Restaurants Serving Vegan Options: Full Weight (~3.33 Points)
  • Farmers Markets & CSA Programs per Capita*: Full Weight (~3.33 Points)Note: “CSA” refers to community-supported agriculture.
  • Certified Organic Farms per Capita*: Full Weight (~3.33 Points)
  • Juice & Smoothie Bars per Capita*: Full Weight (~3.33 Points)
  • Salad Shops per Capita*: Full Weight (~3.33 Points)
  • Vegetable Nurseries per Capita*: Full Weight (~3.33 Points)
  • Community Gardens per Capita*: Full Weight (~3.33 Points)
  • Access to Fresh Vegetarian Food*: Full Weight (~3.33 Points)Note: “Fresh Vegetarian Food” refers to vegetable, melon, potato, sweet potato, fruit, tree-nut, berry and cow-milk production per capita.
  • Vegetarian Cooking Classes per Capita*: Full Weight (~3.33 Points)
Vegetarian Lifestyle – Total Points: 33.33
  • Ranking on GrubHub’s List of Cities Most Likely to Order Vegetarian or Vegan: Full Weight (~8.33 Points)Note: This metric was used as a proxy for the vegetarian population and is based on GrubHub’s data analysis of “more than 30,000 restaurants’ pickup and delivery orders” to determine where customers are most likely to order vegetarian or vegan options.
  • Vegetable & Fruit Consumption: Full Weight (~8.33 Points)Note: This metric measures the share of adults who consumed vegetables and fruits one or more times per day and was used as a proxy for the vegetarian population. A lower share of adults who consume fruits and vegetables daily indicates a lower probability of vegetarian prevalence.
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Meetups per Capita*: Full Weight (~8.33 Points)
  • Availability of Vegan & Vegetarian Festivals: Full Weight (~8.33 Points)Note: This binary metric considers the presence or absence of vegan and vegetarian festivals, as follows:
    • 1 – The city hosts a vegan and vegetarian festival.
    • 0 – The city does not host a vegan and vegetarian festival.

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Sources: Data used to create this ranking were collected from U.S. Census Bureau, Council for Community and Economic Research, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Feeding America, Yelp, TripAdvisor, USDA Organic INTEGRITY Database, The Trust for Public Land, United States Department of Agriculture, GrubHub, Meetup and Vegan.com.

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